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Best Finolex Wire Distributors in Bangalore: Various electrical wiring used in your house and tips to install them is known that electrical wiring is one of the most important components of your home or any building in the world.

In summary, electrical wiring connects wires and cables to different equipment and devices, such as appliances, switches, lights, outlets, etc., and connects them to the main distribution board.

So, when you start wiring work, first, you need to know the type of wiring used in the locality of your home in Bangalore. There are many reliable Finolex wire distributors in Bangalore, so if you want quality electrical wiring work in your home, buy from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore.

In this article, you can read about the types of wiring used in your homes and how you should install them.

Cable vs. wire

Understanding some of the fundamental terminology used in the wiring industry is critical. An electrical wire is a conductor or an electrically conducting material.

Aluminium (or copper-sheathed aluminium) is the material of choice for domestic wiring. However, aluminium isn’t actually utilized that much these days. It is often insulated with a non-conductive plastic coating and can be either stranded wire or a solid metal conductor.

On the other hand, a cable is a grouping of two or more wires that are put together with a single jacket. Nonmetallic, or NM, cable is the most prevalent kind that is used in today’s homes.

This comprises two or more separate wires that are encased in a plastic wrapping for protection and contain one or more “hot” (current-carrying) wires, a neutral wire, and a ground wire.

NM Cables

NM wires are the best for dry interior home wiring used to connect outlets, switches, appliances, and fixtures. In today’s standards, NM cables are colour-coded, which means the various coloured outer jackets denote the wire gauge.

All the major household electrical wiring in cities like Bangalore uses NM cables from Finolex. So, you can easily buy NM cables from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore. A flexible plastic jacket called a sheathing surrounds three or more separate conductors used in NM cables.

The most typical NM cables that you’ll probably discover in modern homes are listed here:

  • Sheathing in black denotes 6-gauge, 55-amp circuits.
  • The sheathing is black for 8-gauge, 40-amp circuits.
  • Sheathing comes in orange for 10-gauge, 30-amp circuits.
  • Yellow sheathing denotes 12-gauge, 20-amp circuits.
  • White sheathing denotes 14-gauge, 15-amp circuits.
  • The grey sheathing is reserved for underground (UF) cables.

Armored-clad cable

You might have seen that certain localities prohibit the use of NM cables and request the use of protected or AC cables. If you want to use AC cables in Bangalore, buy Finolex AC cables from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore.

AC wiring, also known as BX, has been around in the home wiring industry for quite some time. AC cables are constructed with flexible metallic sheathing, providing additional protection for the conductors inside.

Underground feeder cable

UF (underground feeder) is a type of NM cable that is created for direct ground burial in moist environments. The UF-type cable has a grey exterior wrapping and a solid plastic covering around each wire, in contrast to the NM type.

In some cases, electricians also use PVC pipe underground and pass UF cables through it. This kind of cable contains insulated hot and neutral wires and bare ground wire, typically used to serve outdoor fixtures.

In cities like Bangalore, where you have complex electrical wiring, electricians normally use Finolex UF cable to run wires for big or underground projects. If you ever want to do major wiring in Bangalore, buy from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore.

Low-voltage wire

Low-voltage wires are used for circuits using less than 50 volts. Low-voltage wiring is the best option for devices like doorbells, thermostats, sprinkler systems, and landscape lighting that don’t use a lot of electricity.

Low-voltage wiring is either insulated or has cable sheathing covering it. Low-voltage wires also vary from 12 to 22 gauge. It is a good idea to turn off your power source before beginning to work with them, even if low-voltage connections don’t typically cause shocks.


The THHN and THWN are the most widely used insulated wire varieties. These are single conductors with individually colour-coded insulation, in contrast to the NM cable. A plastic or tubular metal conduit shields them as well.

  • Red, orange, or black cables are hot wires.
  • Neutral wires are white or brown.
  • Green or yellow-green cables are used as ground wires.

Similarly, letters indicate their insulation properties:

  • T stands for Thermoplastic.
  • H represents heat resistance, whereas HH denotes very high heat resistance.
  • W stands for wet environments rating.
  • N denotes nylon coating for increased protection.

These kinds of wires are only appropriate for short, exposed lengths inside the home. Examples are the wiring connections for garbage disposals, water heaters, and locations like basements or garages. These are circuit wires, and you should only use high-quality cable brands like Finolex that are available at the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore.

Phone and data wire

Low-voltage cables are used for both internet and phone wiring. There could be four to eight wires in your telephone and data connection, even though Cat (Category) 5 is the most popular type.

The most effective kind of cable for data and phone transmission is category 5, which has eight wires twisted into four pairs. Additionally, compared to regular phone wire, the Cat 5 cable offers higher quality and capacity.

It is still harmful for data wiring to come into touch with domestic wiring, even when it doesn’t carry a high voltage. Thus, handle it gently and keep your hands away from any exposed wires.

Now that you know enough about cables to use in your home, you need to know what to consider when wiring, so continue reading.

Things to consider when electric wiring for your home:

It can be quite exciting to start a new home renovation, but many people discover that they become so engrossed in the design that important details, like electrical wiring, are neglected.

Incorrect electrical needs can have serious consequences, ranging from inconvenience to direct threats to your health and safety. Electrical safety is important for your home, so buy Finolex cables from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore to wire your house securely.

So, here are the main things about home electrical wiring that you should think about:

Location of outlets

First, you need to figure out where the wires of your communication devices and outlets will end up. This is because it helps place your electrical equipment in the best location. If you are in Bangalore, you can easily buy quality cables at the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore to ensure safety and longevity.

Obtain blueprints for your home, consult with a qualified electrician, and mark the locations of any future electrical appliances. Your electrician can then create solutions that put the cables and power outlets exactly where you want them.

Type of wiring system

Realizing that your entire electrical system comprises lighting outlets, electrical service, and various hardwired appliances is important. It should be noted that the size of your electrical service needs to correspond to the number of people living in your house.

A standard-sized home usually only needs 100–200 amps. Also, you should know that lead sheathed wire, surface conduit wiring, and covert conduit wiring are the three different kinds of wiring systems.

Concealed conduit wiring is the most popular type because it provides an improved visual appeal by hiding the conduits under plastering and walls.

Extra power

Even though home offices are no longer necessary in the highly technologically equipped world of the twenty-first century, many homeowners opt to install sizable audio and video systems.

It would be prudent for you as a homeowner to become more knowledgeable about your alternatives regarding your home’s electrical system. When you need advanced wiring for your home in Bangalore, you should source it from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore.

Energy efficiency

Most people are worried about growing electricity prices and negative environmental consequences. A control system that can be utilized to reduce energy expenses is something that many people who are building new homes value.

Despite their futuristic appearance, these successfully controllable devices can ultimately save you money and ensure the safety of your house.

An effective control system will enable you to carry out other tasks like controlling the air conditioning, swimming pool, and ventilation panels.

Customizable lighting switches

The most popular accessories connected to electrical wiring accessories are light switches. To ensure the safety of your appliances in your Bangalore home, buy cables from the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore.

For example, an analogue flick switch is not nearly as functional or aesthetically pleasing as an LED-based control panel. You can achieve this goal with power outlets.

Devices that run on USB can be charged by installing USB-charging connectors into walls. Discuss with your electrician how lighting switches might improve the visual attractiveness of your house.

Final thoughts

Both safety and functionality are important when wiring your house, so ensure you use the best electricians and best practices. Also, if you are in Bangalore, don’t forget to visit some of the Best finolex Wire distributors in Bangalore before buying wires.

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