Wires and Cables

Elcab India Private Ltd. offers a wide range of Wires and Cables Dealers in Bangalore for multiple domestic, industrial and safety purposes. Wires and cables form the base of every big project, hence we ensure that when you partner with us we supply to you quality products from established brands.

  • Building Wires FR / FRLS
    Building wires form the basic foundation of an electric system in a residential/commercial area. To control fire hazards, these wires are insulated with non-toxic halogen free compounds that ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Industrial Single & Multicore Flexibles
    Single core cables are highly suitable for industrial purposes as they are flexible. They are majorly used for wiring of control panels, machines and various electrical installations in small, medium and large industries where bending radius is less.
  • LT PVC / XLPE Power & Control Cables
    Control cables as the name suggests control the functioning of an equipment whereas the power cables transfer both high energy and low energy from the source to the equipment.
  • HT Cables up to 33 kV
    HT cables are ideally used for transferring high voltage cables and are extremely suitable for being run underground and underwater.
  • EHV Cables 66 kV to 550 kV
    Any cables rated above 66kv are classified as Extra High voltage cables. They are largely utilized for long distance transmission of high voltage power.
  • Zero Halogen Cables
    Zero halogen cables are used for jacketing wires. Thus, when they get exposed to excess amount of heat, no smoke or halogens are released.
  • Fire Survival Cables (FS)
    These cables are specially produced in maintaining circuit integrity during and after the fire.
  • Telephone Cables / Dry & Jelly filled
    Polycab is credited with coming up with a state of the art technology that involves the filling of the wires with jelly. This is done to prevent rodents, water-logging and moisture from the system.
  • Coaxial & LAN Cables CAT 5, 5E, 6 & 6E
    Coaxial cables are widely used as transmission line for radio signals; they are also used for computer network connections and cable television signals.
  • Instrumentation Cables
    These cables have specific rigid applications such as managing complex networks, transmitting signals internally and processing operations. Therefore, they are suitable for use in high-activity and hazardous areas like thermal power plants.
  • Submersible Cables
    Submersible cables are specialised cables utilised for submersible pumps which are installed in deep wells or in similar areas.
  • Rubber Cables
    Rubber cables are abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, protective covering for an insulated electric cable and are majorly used for domestic appliances.
  • Welding Cables
    Cables used in welding are expected to have a high amount of resistance to heat; they act as a conductor in the entire circuit.
  • Solar AC / DC Cables
    Solar AC/DC cables are designed to be UV and weather resistant as they connect the solar panels and the photovoltaic cells.
  • ThermoCouple / Compensating Cables
    Cables used to interconnect thermoprobes and control instruments are known as compensating cables; they can be either armoured or unarmoured, depending on their specific requirements.