Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore

A short guide for buying industrial and domestic Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore

Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore: – Submersible cables are a lifesaver for various industries today. The purpose of submersible pump cables is to provide submersible pumps with power. The cables are designed to work underwater for extended periods, are pressure-resistant, and are waterproof.

They function in harsh industrial settings since they are also resistant to abrasion, oil, weather, and chemical attacks. Since submersible pump cables are incredibly flexible, they can work in tough, confined spaces.

Finolex submersible cables are used for mining, food processing, motors, and irrigation. Aquariums, swimming pool lighting, and water chlorine injection systems are some of the other domestic uses for them in Bangalore. If you are in Bangalore and in need of submersible cables, buy them from reputed Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore to save money.

Here are the things to know before buying submersible pump cables

You will want a certified Type THW submersible cable for a submersible pump. All UL-rated cables are sufficiently flexible and safe to be installed in submersible pumps.

Both PVC and EPR insulations, which are often found on submersible pump wires on the market, are ideal for the environments to which they will be subjected.

Most of the time, unless you are also altering the pump’s or motor’s size, replacing your well pump does not require replacing your cables. Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore will help you get the right cables required for your industrial or domestic needs in Bangalore.

Types of submersible pump cables used widely:

Common varieties of submersible pump cables on the market are twisted-pair copper cables, flat cable wires, round cables, and high-duty cables.

The most crucial aspect of understanding submersible pump cables is the fundamental distinction between round and flat varieties. Though the differences may not be noticeable to the untrained eye right away, more varieties of submersible pump cables are available on the market, and each has a unique set of uses.

Thw/submersible pump twisted copper cable

These cables are suitable for standard submersible pump applications requiring little power. It is preferable to use this kind of cable only when the well is sufficiently shallow to keep the maintenance cost down when you need to replace or repair the wire. Due to its lack of additional shielding, twisted copper wire is less expensive than other cables in the range. Unlike other submersible cables available in Bangalore, twisted copper wires at the best Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore are reasonably priced.

Flat W/GRND THW/submersible pump cable 

The PVC insulation in this cable provides further protection against mechanical impact. The durability offered by flat submersible cable is essential for the majority of submersible pump applications.

The jacket offers much-needed protection, given the likelihood of the cable rubbing against the surface in deep wells and rapidly wearing off. While round and heavy-duty cables are similar in cost, flat submersible pump cables are several times more expensive than twisted copper cables.

Round THW/submersible pump cable 

This cable has a ground wire and three conductors. The non-parallel layout of the conductors in the wire makes it less durable than a flat cable. On the other hand, this cable is stronger than an unjacketed twisted pair one.

If your industrial application requires a three-conductor structure for submersible pumps, you can buy them from Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore for an affordable price.

Flat W/GRND THW/submersible pump cable

These are a range of flat cables with an additional rating intended for heavy-duty applications. This submersible cable has two jackets for further security. Since a conventional flat cable works just as well in most heavy-duty applications, it is beneficial for submersible pumps that are subjected to harsh circumstances.

When used for similar purposes, other cables are occasionally called “submersible pump cable” under the general phrase. These cables are used in businesses for UF irrigation, sprinkler control, and landscape lighting.

In irrigation systems, UF/Type TWU cables are used for a variety of functions, including standard ones like power and lightning. Always buy from Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore if you want the best cables that withstand extreme and harsh conditions for your industrial applications.

Why are flat submersible pump cables more popular?

Because a flat cable suits the typical submersible pump design, using a flat submersible pump cable makes more sense.

Making of flat vs. round submersible cables:

In contrast to round cables, which have three conductors and a ground wire, flat cables only have two conductors and one ground wire. The majority of submersible pumps can be powered solely by two conductors. Pumps are, therefore, primarily equipped with submersible pump flat cables.

Installing flat cables is simpler, particularly when the well’s diameter is substantial. Their physical qualities make them more durable than spherical ones and are less likely to wear off during installation and use.

Round cables are recommended in some situations, even though underwater flat cables are far more common. For example, round cables are used if a specific pump’s power supply calls for a three-conductor system. Contact Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore if you want suggestions for buying the right cable for your industrial needs in Bangalore.

Main factors for selecting the right submersible cable:

After deciding the purpose and cable type, you need to consider some factors when buying submersible cables; here are those:

Conductor area:

The conductor or wire carrying the electrical current can significantly affect the cable’s performance depending on its size or area. The resistance of the cable will generally decrease with increasing conductor area.

Lower-resistance cables can handle higher currents without damaging them or causing them to overheat. Its larger conductor area also increases a cable’s ability to transmit electricity over greater distances without experiencing appreciable power loss.


The sheathing is an essential part that shields a submersible cable and its conductors from the abrasive underwater environment. Water, chemicals, and other substances that could harm the cable and cause device failure or safety risks are repelled by it.

Maintaining a submersible cable’s electrical properties and stopping current leakage depends heavily on its sheathing. If the sheathing is damaged, water or other substances can leak into the cable, causing a short circuit that may lead to equipment failure or damage.


The insulating material on submersible cables must be carefully chosen to guarantee optimum performance and longevity in challenging underwater settings. In addition to withstanding exposure to seawater, salt, and other corrosive materials, the insulation must be able to survive high pressures and harsh temperatures.

Choose cables with the appropriate insulation material to withstand the specific conditions of the application, ensuring reliable and secure operation.


The conductor’s composition and quality can have an impact on the cable’s overall performance, electrical resistance, and current-carrying capability. The most popular conductor material for underwater cables is copper because of its excellent conductivity, resilience to corrosion, and longevity.

Other materials, including aluminium or speciality alloys, might be needed for specific applications. Signal deterioration, electrical interference, and device failure can all be brought on by subpar conductors. Even in harsh underwater settings, high-quality submersible cables can continue to provide optimal electrical performance and reliability.


The voltage rating must be selected correctly for a submersible cable to operate safely and reliably. The cable can malfunction or overheat if the voltage rating is too low, posing a fire risk, equipment damage, and power outages.

On the other hand, insulation failure, electrical arcing, and other electrical risks can result from an excessive voltage rating. A submersible cable’s voltage rating can also have an impact on how well it performs electrically, particularly in high-current or long-distance situations.

Better equipment performance and energy efficiency can be achieved by minimizing power loss and maintaining optimal electrical transmission with a higher voltage rating.

Various reliable Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore offer all types of cables for various applications. They also help with consultation for buying and installing cables for your domestic and industrial applications in Bangalore.

Benefits of using submersible cables in harsh environments:


It’s crucial to keep in mind that submersible cables can offer continuous service and are incredibly resilient when installing them.

Because of their exceptional longevity, submersible cables are suitable for delivering uninterrupted services. The submersible cables have a long-lasting ability to withstand weather conditions.


Determining the precise size and configuration of submersible cables for your application in a city like Bangalore can be challenging. So, contact Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore to buy submersible cables of many sizes, shapes and types to suit your industrial needs.


Makers of submersible flat cables guarantee reliability. The fact that submersible cables are reliable is one of its main advantages. Submersible cables are easily capable of withstanding any physical strain.


Submersible cables are also flexible. So, among many other uses, submersible cables are easily employed in mining, irrigation, and drilling.

Submersible cables are widely used in Bangalore’s industrial sectors. So, you can contact the best Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore to purchase submersible cables for drilling, mining, and underwater applications.

Final thoughts 

As already said, submersible cables are important in industrial applications like mining, drilling, irrigation and underwater. If you want to use submersible cables for your industrial applications in Bangalore, contact reliable Finolex Submersible Cable Dealers In Bangalore to get the best cables for the best price.

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