Joining Kits

Elcab India Private Ltd. cable jointing kits are used for connecting high, medium, and low voltage kits. The joints are useful because they provide electrical insulation, strength, and mechanical protection. Elcab India Private Ltd. is a supplier and distributor of 3M jointing kits. These kits demand less maintenance and facilitates easy cable joining. Stress control capability, easy to handle, long-lasting shelf life, excellent cross-section range, resistant to environmental pollution are some of the features of jointing kits we supply.


  •   Resistant to breakage
  •   Resistance to prolonged electrical stress
  •   Reliable installation

Other Details:

  •   Heat shrink and elastomeric technologies
  •   Impedance stress control system
  •   Proven anti-tracking, erosion and Uv resistant insulating material for indoor and outdoor applications
  •   Easy and highly reliable installation
  •   Range taking
  •   Suitable for crimp, soldered and mechanical lugs
  •   Resistant to breakage and vandalism
  •   Solutions for all cable constructions