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Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore: Stranded Wire vs. Solid Wire in Electrical Applications is an essential component of the modern world, especially in major cities like Bangalore. When talking about electrical applications, the comparison between solid and stranded V Guard wires is the common thing that comes to your mind.

The two wires are physically different from one another in an obvious way. Stranded wires are made up of several thinner wires that are twisted together into a neat bundle, whereas solid wires are composed of a single metal core.

There are benefits to both solid and stranded wires for every application, so read this article to learn about them.

You can also consult the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore to decide whether stranded or solid wire is best for your electrical applications.

What is stranded wire?

Stranded wires are made by compressing bundled wires and then wrapping them in non-conductive insulation.

Stranded wire is more flexible than other wires, so they are ideal for connecting electronic components in tight spaces or bending and twisting to fit intricate shapes.

Stranded wire has greater malleability than solid wire and won’t split or sever. Circuit boards, speaker lines, and electronic devices are some applications where it is commonly used.

Some benefits of stranded wires: Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore.

  • Good flexibility.
  • Stranded wire can be bent and routed more easily and has a longer flex life in motion applications.
  • It offers reduced heat and secure current flow.
  • Perfect for terminating crimps and patch cable connections.
  • Less skin effect during longer power transmission at a greater voltage (current flowing on the conductor’s outer surface as opposed to the entire conductor).
  • A stranded cable is made up of several small-gauge wire “strands” that are concentrically twisted into a helix that resembles rope to form each conductor.
  • Stranded wire is generally specified by two numbers: the gauge and the number of strands.
  • Experts at the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore will explain the specifications of stranded and solid wire when you buy them.

Disadvantages of stranded wires: Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore.

  • Sometimes, it can corrode in specific environments.
  • It is designed for a lower current capacity compared to solid wire of the same size.
  • You need to check for voltage loss.
  • Termination and connection require professionals.
  • The price can be higher than solid wires.

What is the solid wire?

Solid metal core wire, sometimes known as busbars, is a thicker and heavier product than stranded wire.

Solid wires are perfect for outdoors, where higher currents and greater durability are required. This robust, reasonably priced wire is resistant to weather and hard conditions.

Solid wires from Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore are the popular option for transporting strong currents for various outdoor applications, automotive controls, and buildings in huge cities like Bangalore.

So, visit the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore to buy wires for your electrical projects.

Benefits of solid wires: Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore.

  • It is easy to terminate and connect.
  • Higher ampacity in comparison to similar-sized stranded wire.
  • Effective high-frequency transmission and clear sound (less noise because of low attenuation).
  • It has anti-corrosive and low-resistance properties in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Low voltage drop and long-distance applications make it ideal.
  • If you are in Bangalore, you can buy affordable solid wires from the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore.
  • The conductor in a solid cable is made from a single larger-gauge wire. Solid wire is designated with a single gauge number to indicate the conductor size.
  • Regardless of whether the solid conductor has one, two, or four pairs, the gauge of the conductor determines the cable’s specifications.

Disadvantages of solid wires: Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore.,

  • It has reduced flexibility.
  • Repetitive motion applications may cause damage to the cable.
  • Skin reactions to high-voltage electrical transmission lines can cause problems.
  • It is not subject to litigation in computer, digital, or electronic applications.

The major differences between solid vs. stranded wires

Current capacity of stranded versus solid wire

Surface area: Because solid wires are thicker, less surface area is available for dissipation. But in stranded wire, the air gaps and increased surface area created by the individual strands and the thinner wires in the system dissipate more energy.

For your project in major cities like Bangalore that require higher current capacity, buy wires from the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore.

Diameter: When you compare two wires with the same diameter, the solid wire will carry more current than the stranded wire. The reason for this is the air space that separates the stranded wire’s conductor strands.

Cross-sectional area: A stranded wire’s cross-sectional area would need to be greater than a solid wire’s to obtain the same current capacity.

Wire size: Because of this, the wire gauge and ampacity required for the intended application must be taken into consideration when an electrician selects the appropriate wire size.

Skin effect: When current flows on the outer surface of a conductor rather than the entire conductor, it is known as the “skin effect” and occurs in AC current with frequency.

Stranded wires are used for high-power transmission. However, skin depth might not matter when using copper wire (up to 6mm) at a frequency of 50/60 Hz for wiring in your homes.


Stranded wires are easier to route around obstacles because they are more pliable and bendable than solid wires.


The noticeable difference between these wires is their flexibility. If your project in a city like Bangalore requires high-quality stranded wires from top brands like V Guard, you can buy them from the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore.

When placed into insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) on patch panels, connecting blocks, and jacks, solid conductors will maintain their shape over time. Solid cables are more rigid and brittle when bent excessively or too repeatedly.

Stranded Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore wires are more pliable and resilient, withstanding higher bending and vibration levels without breaking. Solid wires may need to be changed more frequently than stranded wires in environments with significant movement or vibration.


Solid wire is single-core in nature, and this is a reason for its easier production process. It takes more complex production processes to twist the thinner wires together to create stranded wires.

In cities like Bangalore, it is easy for you to buy high-quality wires from the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore for affordable prices.


Solid wires are the better choice over longer distances, given their lower current dissipation. Stranded wire will perform better when used for shorter distances.


Solid wires: In general, solid cables are great electrical conductors because they exhibit greater, stable electrical properties over a wider frequency range.

Solid wires are also considered to be more resilient, less susceptible to vibration, and less prone to corrosion than stranded conductors because they have a smaller surface area. Moreover, solid wire can carry more current than stranded wire.

Stranded wires: Stranded wires have increased insertion loss in larger gauge (thinner) conductors compared to lower gauge (thicker) conductors (20 per cent for 24 AWG and 50 per cent for 26 AWG). Stranded cables also exhibit 20 to 50 per cent more attenuation than solid copper conductors.

They have a higher DC resistance than solid cables because the cross-section of stranded conductors contains some air in addition to copper.

In short, solid cables are preferable for fixed installations and stranded wires are preferred for applications that require flexible wires.

Wire distributors

When choosing wires, you should select the best-performing brand, like Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore, to endure longevity.

This is especially important if you live in a place like Bangalore. However, the presence of various reputed wire distributors in Bangalore makes it easy for you to buy the best wires at affordable prices.

The best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore will offer you guidance and quality wires for reasonable prices.

Stranded wires vs. solid wires for power cables: Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore.

Solid wires: Solid wire is the way to go if you want endurance, ease of use, smoothness, and, most importantly, a solution that is affordable for the applications you need it for.

Stranded wire: On the other hand, stranded wire is the best choice for long-term flexibility and various motion-based applications.

Transmission and distribution considerations: Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore For transmission and distribution lines that must have a high power capacity, the line current in the conductors will be significant, so large diameters are required.

Core types for line capacity enhancement: If the buildings are not designed to handle more sag, the sag of the conductors will limit the maximum capacity of the line. So, examine the building with the help of an electrician and buy multiple core wires from the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore at the best prices.

For example, carbon fibre cores are lighter and expand less than steel, reducing sag brought on by cable heating. Best V Guard Wires Distributors in Bangalore.

House electrical codes and wiring selection: Certain nations have house electrical codes that mandate that a home’s interior wiring be fastened to the structure’s frame.

Because it is less expensive and does not need to be moved, solid wire is usually used for permanently installed wiring.

Appliance cables that plug into walls and allow for free movement are made of stranded wire.

Final thoughts 

You can develop an overall understanding of solid and stranded wires after reading this article. Remember to work with one of the best V Guard Wires distributors in Bangalore if you need to buy wires or receive guidance regarding wire specifications.

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