Elcab India Private Ltd. is a proud distributor of Schneider Electric, Legrand, HPL, INDOASIAN, Anchor by Panasonic, India’s most renowned manufacturer of switchgear. They provide integrated solutions across multiple marketing segments and are leaders in providing energy-efficient and dependable products.

  • MCB, Isolator, RCCB & DB
    Switchgears are used to both disconnect power supply from the system and clear faults in the downstream. They are majorly divided into MCB, Isolator, RCCB & DB based on their specific applications.
  • Plug and Socket
    Plug and sockets are utilized for domestic, commercial and heavy duty industrial purposes. Schneider switchgear is available in two types – Electra and Pratika. For safety purposes, their castings are made of non-corroding materials and have high anti-tracking properties.
  • MCCB
    MCCB is a miniature circuit breaker which is used to break small circuits. This power unit is an impeccable protective device which can be installed in any system to prevent hazards.
  • ACB
    Schneider Electricals are global specialists for ACB’s since 1923. They are easy to install, efficient and reliable. Their unmatched safety systems with “ready to close contact” and standard safety shutters make them the best in the market.
  • Contactor & Relay
    Contactor and Relays play the role of the “connector” between two or more electrical points in response to the action of a control signal.
  • Switch Disconnector
    A Switch disconnector is the combination of a regular disconnector and a load switch which enables us to provide safety isolation while being able to make and break nominal connections.
  • Switch Disconnector Fuse Unit (SDF)
    Switch Disconnector Fuse Units are reliable when incidents such as a power overload, industrial hazards, etc occur. They are designed in a compact fashion so they can be compatible with the control cabinet. These fuse units are easy to install and can be monitored by anyone.
  • TeSys MPCB
    MPCB’s are designed for a variety of circuit protection functions but they are the most efficient in electric motors. These units have a thermal/ magnetic mechanism to break the circuit whenever necessary.
  • Starter
    Starters are devices installed in a system which can control the use of electrical energy provided to the equipment. They are also used to reverse the same process and protect the system from various hazards.
  • Metering Products
    Schneider Electric provides a wide variety in metering products ranging from PM3200 series to EM64XX Series. These products enable you to manage the cost and quality of the energy efficiently.
  • Capacitor
    Capacitors are used to store energy in an electrical field temporarily. In an electrical system, they act as insulators that can store energy by being polarized.