Home Appliances

Elcab India Private Ltd. markets a wide spectrum of consumer products ranging from fans, light sources and luminaires, pumps, Water Heater & Geyser and household appliances. We are one of the premier dealer and channel partner for Crompton, Anchor by Panasonic and Elcab.

  • Ceiling / Table / Pedestal / Wall Mounting Fans
    Majorly used for domestic purposes, they are available in three categories viz. standard fans, decorative ceiling fans and fans under light. CG is the largest fan manufacturer in India in this segment; decades of experience is what makes them the best in this field.
  • Industrial Man-Coolers
    Industrial man-coolers are mounted on walls. They are primarily directed towards men and machines in an industrial space to maintain room temperature. One of the leading manufacturers of these fans are Almonaro & Luminous Electric Fans.
  • Axial Flow Fans
    Axial flow fans are used as compressors to maintain the pressure and the temperature of the mechanism internally.
  • Centrifugal Fans
    Constantly running machines increase the temperature of the mechanism. Hence an in-build system is needed to blow air and other gases to balance the temperature and avoid accidents. That’s exactly what the centrifugal fan does.
  • Air Curtains
    Fans used to prevent the movement of particles from one space to another are known as Air Curtains. The are largely used in industrial / office spaces for keeping the environment clean and safe.