Switches and Sockets

Elcab India Private Ltd. is a leading switches and sockets dealer/distributor in India. Schneider Electric, Legrand, HPL, INDOASIAN, Anchor by Panasonic our proud partner, is a global specialist in the production of installed/control systems, presenting the best in both innovation and technology.

  • Switches and Socket Outlets
    Switches are devices which enable us to make and break the connection in an electric circuit, whereas Socket outlet is a section fixed in the wall to connect an electric plug.
  • Bell Press & Double Pole Switches
    Bell Press switches as the name suggests are mainly used in doorbells. The Double Pole switches, on the other hand, are two separate single pole switches that are operated by the same lever for safety purposes.
  • TV/ Telephone / Data Outlets
    The mechanisms installed in TV/ Telephone/ Data Outlets are available in single modules to increase flexibility and reliability. The outlets are available in a wide range and are suitable for every application.
  • Dimmer & Fan Regulators
    Dimmers and Fan Regulators are devices which are utilized to regulate the intensity of energy passed in the system that help determine its speed or output.
  • Products for Commercial, Hotel & Industrial Applications
    The modern interiors of the hotels, industrial spaces, and commercial areas require a combination of stylish and efficient products and Schneider Electric delivers exactly the same.