Finolex Wires and Cables Dealers in Bangalore

Finolex Wires and Cables Dealers in Bangalore

FINOLEX Cables Limited are the Legacy and Popular Wires and cables manufacturer in the country. Well established brand in country. ECLAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED are the Finolex Wires and Cables distributor/dealer and authorised Stockist for entire range. We stock and sell Original Finolex wires in GOLD and Silver series. ECLAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED sell 660/1100 V, grade, Submersible cable, auto cables, control cable, HT Cables, LT Cables. Also, ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED Offers the best prices compare to your nearest Finolex Wires and Cables Dealers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED fair, best and uniform prices to all customers. Get in touch with us for Original Products at competitive rates and timely delivery for all locations.

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Finolex Wires and Cables Dealers in Bangalore: Finolex offers electrical wires for every segment of the market. Each wire is manufactured using more than 99.97% pure electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. The conductor, made of multiple strands of finely drawn copper wires, offers great flexibility making it ideal for conduit wiring. The wires are insulated with a flame retardant (FR) PVC compound, specially formulated and manufactured in-house, using special grade PVC resin. The wires are ISI marked and approved by FIA/TAC.

ECLAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED is the leading Finolex Cable & Wires Dealer in Bangalore. Fill out the below inquiry form to get a quote from ECLAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED and get the best deal. Dealers of Finolex Cable and Wire in Bangalore "Cable Dealers," "Electrical Goods Dealers," "Cable Wire Dealers," "Switch Dealers—Elcab," and "LED Light Dealers" at ECLAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED in Bangalore

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