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Why is cable testing needed and how is cable testing done?

Best Finolex Channel Partners in Bangalore: Cables are the essential connections in the complex network of electrical systems, transporting data and power to different locations. To ensure the security and effectiveness of any electrical system, these cables must be dependable. This is where the importance of cable testing comes in.

An essential part of electrical system optimization and maintenance is cable testing. Every technique, from the basic visual examination to the advanced impulse testing, helps to recognize and address possible problems, guaranteeing the general health of cables.

Proactive maintenance techniques and routine testing help keep electrical systems operating smoothly and prevent major malfunctions. Continue reading about why is cable testing needed and how is cable testing done:

Why is cable testing needed?

Best Finolex Channel Partners in Bangalore, All parties involved in electricity distribution have a critical interest in cable testing to anticipate and address failures. Even with the abundance of test methods and tools available to address this issue, cable testing can still be difficult. Today, most people have started buying Finolex cables to enhance their market presence. The company relies on dedicated Finolex channel partners in Bangalore.

Preventing downtime and costly repairs

A cable flaw is frequently visible long before it becomes a real issue. Finding issues before they cause you to experience downtime can be accomplished by visually inspecting every cable in your building. Examine the wires for signs of damage, such as moisture, insulation cracks, and corrosion on the copper.

There is a high demand for cable testing techniques to ensure that cables and joints are in perfect condition. To facilitate the prompt detection of cable defects, as these issues can be costly and disruptive. If you need durable wire, choose the best Finolex channel partners in Bangalore to buy that.

To check safety

Cable failures can result in hazardous situations such as electrical fires or equipment malfunctions. Cable testing ensures that cables can handle the designated load without compromising safety, providing peace of mind for residential and industrial installations. To buy the safest wires and cables, choose the best Finolex channel partners in Bangalore.

Following guidelines and rules

For cables to be dependable and safe, they must meet industry and legal requirements. In addition to potential legal repercussions, noncompliance can jeopardize the electrical system’s integrity. Cable testing is crucial to guarantee that cables fulfil the requirements and give producers and end users confidence. While doing cable testing, to get positive results, buy cable from Finolex channel partners in Bangalore.

Improving performance

Any electrical system must have efficient data transmission and dependable power delivery. Cable testing assists in locating problems that could impair the performance of cables, such as insulation failure or signal deterioration. Cable testing helps ensure electrical installations operate at peak efficiency by proactively resolving these problems. For buying wires with good performance, pick the famous Finolex channel partners in Bangalore.

Environmental flexibility

Numerous environmental elements, such as changes in temperature, moisture, and chemical exposure, can affect cables.

Cable testing evaluates how well cables endure multiple difficulties to ensure that cables are resilient and functional. This flexibility is essential for wires in various locations, including outdoor installations and industrial situations.

How is cable testing done?


Best Finolex Channel Partners in Bangalore, The industrial control cable should have a smooth, round surface with a continuous and uniform coating. Defects, including inclusions, pits, fractures, kinks, folds, burrs, mechanical damage, and corrosion spots, should not be present on the conductor surface. There should not be any signs of severe oxidation because the color is consistent and brilliant. It is not a loss because the conductor’s cross-sectional area is large enough.

Compare the cable data with the specs and drawings

Consider the quantity of sets, the size of the cable, the routing, and the insulation ratings. Make a note of these things on the test sheet. Compare the size of the cable before buying from Finolex channel partners in Bangalore.

Insulation and sheath

The industrial control cable should have a uniformly lustring, smooth, and spherical surface free of noticeable lumps, bubbles, scorch, etc. The thickness of insulation is constant, not erratic. Flattening and mechanical damage are absent. Adhesion between material layers should not exist.

Bending tests

After buying cable from the Finolex channel partners in Bangalore note that a voltage test must be performed before and after a bending test. The cable is bent around a cylinder with a predetermined diameter to create a single full turn. After that, the opposite direction is coiled around and rewound. Three cycles need to be completed.

Loading cycle test

A test loop comprising a cable and its accessories is activated to 1.5 times the working voltage. It is exposed to 20 load cycles at a minimum conductor temperature of 5 degrees Celsius above the design value. There should be no indications of damage on the cable.

Test of life expectancy

An accelerated life test determines a cable’s remaining life by subjecting it to a voltage stress greater than its typical operating stress. It has been noted that the durability depends on the relationship between the voltage stress and the material that is made up of.

Impulse withstand voltage test

As stated in the specification, the test cable is exposed to ten positive and ten negative impulse voltages of varying magnitudes. It is expected that the cable will not break after five applications. The power frequency dielectric power factor test is typically performed afterwards to ensure there was no failure during the impulse test.

Partial discharge test

Best Finolex Channel Partners in Bangalore, Measurement of partial discharge in cables is crucial since it indicates the projected lifespan of the wire and pinpoints the position of any faults. A discharge occurs when a cable with a void breaks down and is exposed to high voltage. An impulse, or a sharp voltage drop, is the outcome.

The impulse moves through the cable. The location of the void from the cable’s test end can be determined by measuring the oscilloscope’s duration between the normal and discharge pulses. However, the pulse’s form reveals the nature and intensity of the discharge.

The cable is run through an insulating tube filled with distilled water to check the entire length for vacancies or other flaws. Four electrodes are in the tube, two in the middle and two at the end.

The central electrodes are powered by a high voltage and are spaced out at a specific distance. The cable conductor and both end electrodes are grounded. If a discharge is observed on the oscilloscope while the cable is being passed between the middle electrodes, this indicates a flaw in that section of the cable, which is then cut off from the remainder of the cable.

Examine any visible cable parts for material deterioration.

Once you buy the cables from the popular Finolex channel partners in Bangaloreexamine the insulation of exposed areas and the state of the cable jacket. Check that the connection points correspond with the single-line diagram for the project.


There should be no sharp edges, curling, leaking, or other anomalies in the metal shielding layer, and it should be continuous, overlapping, and well-wrapped. The cabling pitch is consistent and appropriate. The cable is circular, and the filling is full.

There should be overlap in the wrapping and no omissions, curling, etc. Industrial control wires should be circular without flattening or twisted serpentine bends. The industrial control cable should not have any moisture at all.

Selecting quality cables and wires

To purchase cables and wires for your business, you can consult an experienced individual with electrical wiring and installation knowledge. Before choosing the components, they should inspect the ratings and visually inspect them. The following are the things to look for while verifying the caliber of cables and wires:


On the cable drum, the voltage rating of the cable would be indicated. Following post-manufacturing testing at the factory, the makers certify it. You can determine whether or not a wire or cable suits your systems by looking at the insulation standard details. One may use a cable rated higher than the anticipated system voltage. Only take one that has the required voltage and insulation ratings.


Best Finolex Channel Partners in Bangalore, The wire is flexible because it has more annealed conductors. Unquestionably, a flexible wire is preferable to a solid one. It would simplify, facilitate, and increase the productivity of cable laying. Electricians can accomplish the operation more quickly because the cables are flexible and can bend, turn, and lay to the design of the systems. Flexible cables could be more expensive than solid conductor cables. Still, using flexible wires is more economical.

Check the ability to handle overheating 

Overloading the electrical system might cause the cables to overheat. If you buy wire and cable from Finolex channel partners in Bangalore it does not pose a fire hazard because they are made with high quality.

Final thoughts

As a result, the above-mentioned is about why is cable testing needed and how it is done. Adopting the cable testing process is an investment in the lifespan, safety, and dependability of your electrical infrastructure and a best practice. In an ever-changing technological context, the proactive step guarantees your cables are up to the task, offering a safe and effective route for power and data.

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