Legrand is a well reputable brand. Their products are too refined that they seem alluring to the eyes while staying flameproof. They have a great variety of products available in different sizes, colors, and patterns to cater to your modern-day requirement. We ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED are the authorized Chanel Partners/Distributor/dealer for Legrand. ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED Offers the best prices compare to your nearest dealer in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED fair, best and uniform prices to all customers. Get in touch with us for Original Products at competitive rates and timely delivery for all locations.

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Legrand Products

Legrand Myrius Switches

Myrius Smart Modular Switches from Legrand is the embodiment of timelessness and comfort, paired with high-end technology and easy accessibility.

Legrand Myrius Next Gen Switch

Fully shrouded internal mechanism under the rocker preventing visibility of sparks Sockets are shuttered for child’s safety against electric shocks.

Legrand Ekinox DB

Suitable for Mounting DX³ Metering products, Possible to mount on the top or bottom of the DB, Provision for mounting Ammeter/Voltmeter/ASS/VSS.

Legrand RCCB

Conform to IEC 61008-1, Compatible with prong-type and fork type supply busbars, AC type : detect AC component faults, A type : detect AC and DC component faults.

Legrand Mylinc Switches

Surf, regulate, charge & more! Add a touch of sophistication and modernism to your walls with Legrand’s Smart Mylinc Switches.

Legrand Arteor Switches

Laser marking on mechanisms. Tunnel terminal preventing screwdrivers from slipping. Finger Proof protection against accidental contact.

Legrand MCB

Each pole of this MCB has a capacity to detect and break the circuit at 10 kA. MCB can completely avoid any sorts of mishappening that might happen due to overload, short circuit.

Legrand RCBO

Compatible with prong-type and fork type supply busbars, Voltage independent tripping, Enhanced immunity to unwanted tripping in disturbed environments.

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