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Best Cable Joint Dealers in Bangalore | Top Cable Jointing Kit Dealers in Bangalore

Best Cable Joint Dealers in Bangalore: As their name suggests, their role is to maintain the continuity of electrical cables over long lengths by joining them and thus, enable the transmission of electricity. Cable joints have to fit precisely and be robust enough to withstand factors like adverse weather conditions, current carrying capacity, connection voltage drop and compatibility of materials.

Voltage dictates if the cable joints are going to be of high, medium, or low voltage levels. The voltage level of the cable joint has to be of the same level as the cable. If the capacity of the cable joint is lower than that of the cable, then it will not work due to the high current carrying capacity and over voltage.

  • Insulation – The insulation of the cable joint has to be compatible with the insulation of the cable for the jointed cables to work properly. Depending upon the purpose of the cable and its insulation, cable joints can be either cold or heat shrinkable. Heat Shrinkable joints are most popular because of easy in installation.
  • Cores – Cables can have single or a number of insulated cores. Cable joints need to have the same number of cores to work with the cables.
  • Structure – The manner in which cables need to be connected also determines the kind of cable joints that will be used. For example, if two cables are to be connected at a single point then a straight through joint will be used. If the main cable has to be branched, then appropriate branch cable connectors will be used. Structure-wise, cable joints can be straight through, T or Y-shaped, pot ended or with indoor or outdoor terminations.

At ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED., we Sell RAYCHEM  heat shrinkable cable joints, cold shrinkable cable joints, pre-moulded cable joints, heat shrinkable cable terminations, cold shrinkable cable terminations, pre-moulded cable terminations and screened separable connectors.

Any Quantity we supply to all parts of Karnataka, Tamil nadu , Andrapradesh, Telangana etc.

We accept online order and we do Contactless transactions in business.

ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED., Distribute All range start from 1.1 KV Voltage Grande to 33 KV range in all range like, INDOOR, OUTDOOR, and straight kit.

Geographically we cover our services to All District in Karnataka such as Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangalore, Mandya, Tumkur, Hubballi, Belagum, Bijapur, Haveri, Davanagere, Bidar Gulbarga Tumkur, hassan, Madikeri, etc.

Our All products can have supplied to Other state like AndraPradesh, Tamilnadu and Kera. We maintain the uniform Prices to all Customers.

We process all orders and complete the shipping to customer destination hassle free. All Jointing kits and other products in 3M is majorly been used in industry and key projects like, Construction, infra projects, Power Generation projects, Power distribution company, distributions like volatage grade of 1.1KV, 3.3KV,6.6KV, 11KV,22KV,33KV ,66 KV and 132 KV Voltage grade.

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