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The ELCAB Engineers are one of the largest independent electrical distributors in India. ELCAB ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED is managed by a team of professional, experienced and service oriented manpower, duly supported by a professional human resource policy. Major percentage of our sales force is either qualified engineers or graduates. All our sales staff is highly experienced in pre and post sales support with exhaustive on-the-job training in hard and soft skills.

We work together as a team, as a family, and have fun at workplace. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of the various fun filled, motivational activities and ensure that feeling the of excitement at work NEVER dies out.

Equal Employment Opportunities:

  •   We are an equal opportunity employer. This means that employee has the right to:
  •   Work in an environment free from discrimination or harassment.
  •   Have equal access to training, career development and promotion opportunities.
  •   Complain, without fear of victimization, if one feels harassed or discriminated.
  •   No discrimination against anybody or harass anyone on any grounds including their gender,
  •    Sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, creed or religion.
  •   Company is committed to create a culture within that gets the best out of its entire staff and
  •   Ensure that they are able to achieve their full potential.
  •   We respect the right of individuals to achieve professional and personal balance in their lives.

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